The Employment Cooperative

Dilettant administers and develops an economic and administrative infrastructure for an employment cooperative called Interim kultur. The structure is owned by some thirty members working within the arts, and enables them to administer jobs, employments and projects. Within Dilettant, the development of this infrastructure goes under the project name The Employment Cooperative. The idea is based on a wish to encourage cooperative organizing in precarious professions, and to create an organization where employees retain their status and rights as employees, while maintaining a democratic say in their joint organizing. A long-term aim of the project is that the technical infrastructure with related knowledge and method material that is developed for Interim kultur, will be shared, used and modified by other cooperatives.

The Public Office

– Local meeting places for shared knowledge

The Public Office is a political vision of open and rent-free work and meeting places, where people can engage in self organized activities. Our hope is that these local public spaces can contribute to local development and social engagement, and constitute meeting places for students, youth, seniors and non-profit groups, as well as for freelancers, precarious workers, small businesses and unemployed. The concept of Public Offices is based on an analysis of the contemporary precarious labour markets, and the need for more open and common spaces for non-consumption based activity and self-organized knowledge production.

Since 2011, we have developed concept, visualizations and methods, tried out temporary Public Offices (e.g. at ArkDes 2012), shared the format with others (e.g. the Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia), developed preliminary project plans (e.g. with The Stockholm City Libraries), and are in continuous dialogue with stakeholders such as property owners, architects, researchers, local government officials and politicians. So far, no long-term Public Offices have been established.


We currently work primarily with our own projects, but are sometimes invited for consultation, text production, presentations, debates and workshops. Above you can see photos from various discussion forums, meetings, workshops and art projects that we have co-organized or participated in.