What we want

Dilettant runs long-term research projects aimed at constructing organizational and cooperative tools for social and economic sustainability. We strive to articulate visions and practical suggestions on forms of collectively owned infrastructure, self-organizinig and shared knowledge. Our hope is to support grassroots as well as decision makers with ideas and concrete tools.

Our history

We, Anders Jacobson and Johan Thelander, have done projects together since our early teens in the 90s. Between 2006 and 2011, we ran a professional association for art projects and cultural policy debate (first under the name Produkt, later Hybris Konstproduktion). Our political engagement and growing knowledge about organizing and the economy led to teaching, advising other artists and commissions for public institutions and agencies. Since 2011, our activities are conducted in a non-profit limited liability company – Dilettant AB (svb).

Our perspectives and methods are conditioned by our experience in artistic processes, environments and forms of work. The projects are imbued with the desire to explore and articulate phenomena and ideas, without necessarily knowing the way, or how the results will turn out. Knowledge and experience of our professional lives, further education and non-profit commitments have helped to expand the activities into addressing broad social and political issues. For our part, it doesn't really matter what the business is called, we simply do things that we believe in.

Who we are

Johan Thelander

Johan was born 1981 and has grown up in Hässelby gård, a suburb in Stockholm. For the past years he has focused his work on constructing organizational and cooperative tools for social and economic equality. He is the Managing Director and owner of Dilettant AB (svb) a value-based company providing accounting and management services to cooperative and owner-managed organizations. He is co-founder and Managing Director of The artist cooperative Interim kultur, a cooperative owned by 30 artists. Since September 2016 he is the board secretary of JAK Medlemsbank, a cooperative bank with 38 500 members in Sweden. He carries a Master degree in choreography from the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm and has collaborated with choreographers and companies such as Gunilla Heilborn, Mårten Spångberg and Rosas.


The vast majority of our projects have been developed in collaboration with others. Once we have secured funding for a project, we often invite a project team which together takes the project further. To realize our projects, we collaborate with artists, web developers and researchers, as well as cultural institutions, government agencies, public administration and enterprises.


We are inspired by the idea of approaching and acting in new fields of knowledge. For us, dilettantism means learning new things by taking on challenges that don't follow a marked path or straight line with what we expected to do with our professional education. Our business is for us a way to study and experiment. It is a belief that we, as an independent player with our roots in the arts, can contribute with our enthusiasm, ideas, knowledge and experience in the areas where our engagement takes us.

Business info

Organizational information
Company Dilettant AB (svb)
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Board member & CEO Johan Thelander
Substitute Anders Jacobson
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SE-104 60 Stockholm
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Branding & Art direction design Alba Plaza
Accounting & audit
Auditing firm Baker Tilly EMK
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Interest free base account JAK Members' Bank
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