Here you'll find publications, articles and reports from some of our projects and commissions since 2006. Our first projects were produced under the name Produkt, later Hybris Konstproduktion, and, starting Fall 2012, Dilettant. If nothing else is stated, the texts have been written by Anders Jacobson and Johan Thelander.


The Public Office

– Project Phase III: Collaboration with the Stockholm Public Libraries

Material related to our collaboration with Stockholm City Library and the local library Bibblerian in Hässelby gård. Together with librarians Marika Alneng and Ann-Christine Norman, as well as various directors of Stockholms stadsbibliotek, we produced a project plan and funding applications for a two year trial period. The aim was to employ a local project manager, but unfortunately the project did not reach sufficient funding.


The Public Office

– Project Phase II: Prototype at The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design

Analysis and report from the second research phase of The Public Office, carried out in collaboration withThe Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design (previously The Museum of Architecture), the EU project Special Issue, and Offecct AB. More than 200 people came to work during the five weeks, and our team met with politicians, researchers and city planners to discuss the concept. Production team: Anders Jacobson, Myriam Mazzoni, Victor Saiz and Johan Thelander.


The Public Office

– Project Phase I: Research and articulation

Report and initial concept (version 1.0) from the first project phase of The Public Office – a vision of open and rent-free work and meeting places. The project included meetings with key stakeholders in culture politics, research and city planning.


Consultation for DOCH

– The University for Dance and Circus in Stockholm

During 2011 we worked with supporting, developing and evaluating the organization and administration at the Institution for Dance at DOCH. We also co-organized courses in speculative management, political economy, philosophy and entrepreneurship/organizing for the MA in Choreography and the BA in Dance.

TCP :: The Curatorial Programme

– On curating in the performing arts

In collaboraton with artist-run organizations Station – Service for Contemporary Dance, and Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture, we organized the the international choreography festival TCP, carried out within the frame of the existing festivals Kondenz (Belgrade) and LocoMotion (Skopje). Through workshops, showings, discussions and performances the project addressed the topic of curating in the performing arts.

Business guide for performing arts

– At

Commissioned by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, we produced a guide about running a business in the performing arts, how to find funding and legal support etc. The material was produced in dialogue with industry stakeholders such as unions and employers' organizations. is a website run by the Tax Agency, The Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the Companies Registration Office.

Looking for a richer debate of ideas in the performing arts

During Spring 2011 we acted as guest editors for a series of articles on arts and culture politics, on the website of the industry organization Svensk Scenkonst (Swedish Performing Arts). The organization gathers and represents all the public institutions for performing arts in Sweden. Writers: Rakel Chukri, Rasmus Fleisher, Valeria Graziano, Bengt Jacobsson, Guleed Mohamed, Mårten Spångberg and Klara Tomson.

Quality in the Plural

– On the use of the notion of "artistic quality" in culture politics

Discussion material written on a commission from the Stockholm City Culture Department, within the frame of their work on reforming the forms for cultural support.

How about a coffee?

– The artist as consultant

Booklet addressing the issue of economic compensation for artists outside of their core artistic activities, that work e.g. with consultation, in panels and culture political processes etc. Illustrations: Alice Eklund. Graphic design: Gabriel Widing.

Reforming Cultural Funding in Stockholm

Feedback and proposals to the working group, of which we were a part, for the reformation of the funding structures of Stockholm City Culture Strategic Department.



– On the relation between artistic, organizational and political practices

The research project Prototype spanned artistic discourse, organizational strategies, economy and culture politics, and manifested through meetings, self organized studies, text production and debate forums. Prototype further resulted in institutional assignments as well as to the ideas underlying The Employment Cooperative and The Public Office.

Evaluation of KulturDirekt

Commissioned by the Stockholm City Culture Strategic Department, we conducted an evaluation of KulturDirekt – a cooperative organization for marketing and ticket sales for independent culture in Stockholm. The evaluation informed the decision made by the City Culture Board in December 2010.

Please disturb

– Renegotiation in process

Article addressing the changing forms of production and organization in dance, the expanding notion of choreography, and artistic autonomy. Produced during the Prototype project. Writer: Anders Jacobson. Translation: Louise Höjer.

More Opinion

– Meeting place for culture political debate

Report and analysis from More Opinion, a venue for debating and writing about art and culture politics, at Folkteatern during the Göteborg Dance and Theatre Festival. Workshops, meetings, text production and parties. Produced during the Prototype project, in collaboration with mychoreography. Poduction team: Louise Höjer, Anders Jacobson, Johan Thelander and Gabriel Widing.

Four culture political proposals

Booklet made for the Almedalen Politicians Week of 2010, arguing for dynamic and pluralistic conditions for arts and culture. Produced during the Prototype project.


To Do

– Short essays

Anthology using the project möte09 (meeting09) as a springboard to address urgent issues in the art of making choreography. Editor: Johan Thelander. Writers: Louise Höjer, Paula Caspão, Moriah Evans, Gabriel Widing, Andjeas Ejiksson, Krõõt Juurak, Sönke Hallmann, Jean-Paul Thibeau and Mårten Spångberg.


– Report & toolbox

International artistic process meetings at the venues Weld (Stockholm), NorrlandsOperan & Galleri Verkligheten (Umeå), Atalante (Göteborg) and Garaget (Malmö). Project report including analysis, information about the 32 participants, toolboxes and documentation of the works that were produced. Production: Ingrid Cogne, Anders Jacobson, Efwa-Wiktoria Rodell and Johan Thelander.


PRAXIS 3 & 4

– A forum for art and politics

Article from the third and fourth sessions of our discussion forum Praxis. 20 invited guests and around 80 visitors came together for both "On the future of the art institution" at Röhsska Museet in Göteborg, and "Public Quality" at Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm. Writer: Milou Allerholm. Translation: Åsa Pelijeff.

Proposals to Kulturutredningen

Text addressing the Swedish Committee of Inquiry on Cultural Policy (Kulturutredningen) with eleven culture political proposals aimed at strengthening the independent arts, as well as updating policies on equality and cultural heritage. The proposals were also presented as a part of the artist-run Shadow Inquiry (Skuggutredningen). Writers: Anders Jacobson, Anja Arnqvist, Johan Thelander, Maline Casta, Mattias Strand and Cecilia Olsson.

DIY ♥ bureaucracy

Manual for artists on how to engage concretely with the governmental investigation The Swedish Committé of Enquiry on Cultural Policy (Kulturutredningen) of 2008. Writers: Anders Jacobson, Mattias Strand and Johan Thelander. Illustrations: Alice Eklund and Petter Jacobson.


Meeting Sweden 06

During four meetings at Moderna Dansteatern, a total of 60 artists – dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers, light and set designers, video and visual artists – worked in groups of 15 with the task of making a joint work for stage in five days. Performances, conversations and parties. The project was awarded Internatinal Festival Award 2006. Writers: Anders Jacobson, Johan Thelander, Cecilia Olsson and Mattias Strand. Video: Malin Korkeasalo.